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Wichita Equine and Sports Medicine is on the cutting edge of Equine Medicine. We provide a full range of equine maintenance and medical care, as well as comprehensive dentistry and embryo transfer at our clinic.

Local owner, Dr. Preston Hickman who practices veterinary medicine in Wichita KS, has over 30 years of bovine and over 25 years equine and sports medicine experience.

The emphasis of his practice is equine podiatry and sports medicine issues. He combines traditional veterinary medicine with high tech video gait analysis to diagnose physical problems and abnormal motion in horses. Recently he became the Midwest equine spokesman for Medivet-America a company specializing in several areas of Regenerative Medicine.

His experience as a farrier and Osteopath allow him unique insight into biomechanical movement, and give him additional perspective when making a diagnosis.

What sets him apart however, is his expertise in sports medicine, drawing clients from all over the Midwest. He combines traditional veterinary medicine osteopathy and acupuncture for a unique holistic approach to medicine. He is trained as a farrier and is schooled in using stem cells for joint, ligament and tendon therapy, as well as certain fracture repairs.

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Wichita Equine Vet Has Success With Stem Cell Therapy


 "I am so grateful to Dr. Preston Hickman for his wonderful, kind and skilled care of my dressage horse Zoe.  She had previously been shown at Prix St. George level, but had been retired even though she was only 12 years old because of a ligament injury, and was expected never to be completely sound again.  She was completely lame when I brought her to Dr. H in June of 2012.  At that time, Zoe had an injured ligament , as well as a fractured seismoid bone, in her right front leg.  There was little hope or expectation that she would ever recuperate enough to be fully sound again.  Dr. Hickman suggested a new cutting edge procedure known as Stem Cell Therapy for Zoe.  This procedure was completed in one day at Dr. H’s clinic, and I took her home the same day.

Within a couple of weeks Zoe was walking again on her injured leg, and within 8 weeks she was traveling sound.  I did carefully introduce exercise to her slowly throughout her rehabilitation period, but the improvement was almost immediate, and in the end, miraculous." - Judy Baxter (read more and photos)

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