The Role of Kinematics and Kinetics in Sports Medicine

Storm-DarlingIt is clearly apparent within the sports medicine world today the increasing influence technology has on the diagnosis and treatment of injury. The creation of analytical instruments to assist in prevention and detection of injury is rapidly expanding. The use of tools such as force plates and video analysis has enabled physiotherapists and doctors alike to not only detect injury but, decrease rehabilitation times. These instruments are providing critical insight into the complexity of proper body mechanics. Understanding overall performance is leading to never before possible insight into ways to increase the level and longevity of that athlete’s career.

Kinematic analysis is a video analysis technique used to observe abnormal and perhaps detrimental movement patterns, which may be causing increased tissue stress leading to injury. Secondly kinetic analysis is utilized to get a better understanding of the forces causing these movements and then develop techniques in which these forces can be manipulated. Decreasing these forces or altering their magnitude is key in preventing or decreasing the severity of injury risk.

Kinematics and kinetics are two terms widely used in sports biomechanics. Kinematics is an area of biomechanics dealing with measurement and description of the body’s motion. Kinetics on the other hand can be described as the area that “examines the forces acting on a system” (Hamill and Knutzen 2003) and utilizes equipment such as force plates and dynamometers in order to get a better understanding for the stresses and strains which the body is placed under both in everyday life. These two specific areas of Biomechanics are quickly enhancing the ability to prevent injury and aid rehabilitation in sports medicine (Elliott 1999). In people, sports injuries can account for up to 22% of attendance in accident and emergency (Burt and Overpeck 2001). When Dr. Rick Arthur addressed the Horse Welfare Summit in Kentucky 2006 he stated an estimated 1.5 billion dollars a year is lost due to musculoskeletal injuries alone.

Kinematic analysis is a video analysis technique used to observe abnormal and perhaps detrimental movement patterns, which may be causing increased tissue stress leading to injury.

An understanding of biomechanical principles of the body is essential for efficient and accurate treatment of injuries, however, without meaningful objective data our efforts remain a “trial and error” approach. If we wish to impact the economic impact significantly it is evident the effort will need and arguably should be focused on instrumentation to eliminate or greatly reduce the amount of guesswork.

Accurate kinematic analysis of movement is a significant factor for the improvement of movement, performance and for the reduction of injuries. The use of Ballistic High-speed camera’s and video analysis software allows us to determine flaws in gait analysis in the field an not just in the lab and to correct them in “real time” for maximum overall performance.


“Real Time” Kinematic analysis allows us to:

  • Improve performance
  • Optimize training
  • Meld the team into more oneness or unity
  • Avert injuries
  • Structure rehabilitation programs
  • Quantify types of movement to be described by analysis


Dartfish is the world’s leading organization for creating and distributing cutting-edge online and offline video solutions, empowering its users to create, enrich, and publish video content. Trusted by thousands of organizations, Dartfish makes the power of video accessible to millions, setting the video standard in multiple industries including sport, education, and healthcare. Its video platform  is today’s choice for elite organizations, federations, and corporations across the globe.

With the Dartfish analytical software not only are we able to analyze the human athlete’s performance but the animal’s performance as well. The software includes built-in standard protocols for the analysis of sporting activities such as: cycling, running, golf, tennis, skiing, baseball, basketball, etc. (for humans) and, agility, jumping, cutting, reining, racing, dressage, etc. (for animals).

Dartfish analytical software - Kinematic gait analysis for horses

Dartfish software features:

  • Automatic kinematic tracking.
  • Database for management of athlete’s trials and sessions and printable report generation.
  • Automatic analysis of the parameters that describe the motion cycle.
  • Calculation of joint angles as flex-extension, abd-adduction, intra-extra rotation and relative normalization.
  • Platform data plotting (reaction vector, COP, torque).
  • Computation of joint moment and power and relative normalization.
  • Synchronized integration of video information
  • Data export in excel format and text format (ASCII).
  • Indispensable information for optimizing treatment time based on the progress or regression of the subject under examination.
  • Unique Blending and overlay of past and professional performances
  • StromotionTm analysis and SimulcamTm


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