Judy and Zoe “I am so grateful to Dr. Preston Hickman for his wonderful, kind and skilled care of my dressage horse Zoe.  She had previously been shown at Prix St. George level, but had been retired even though she was only 12 years old because of a ligament injury, and was expected never to be completely sound again.  She was completely lame when I brought her to Dr. H in June of 2012.  At that time, Zoe had an injured ligament , as well as a fractured seismoid bone, in her right front leg.  There was little hope or expectation that she would ever recuperate enough to be fully sound again.  Dr. Hickman suggested a new cutting edge procedure known as Stem Cell Therapy for Zoe.  This procedure was completed in one day at Dr. H’s clinic, and I took her home the same day.

Within a couple of weeks Zoe was walking again on her injured leg, and within 8 weeks she was traveling sound.  I did carefully introduce exercise to her slowly throughout her rehabilitation period, but the improvement was almost immediate, and in the end, miraculous.

Zoe is completely sound now, and is currently being used for weekly dressage lessons.  She is a joy to me, and to all who know her.  She is indeed living proof that miracles do still happen!  But, I must give credit to Dr. Hickman for his knowledge and skill in caring for Zoe.  Because of his wisdom, ability, and courage to try this new procedure on Zoe I now have a completely sound, useful, amazing riding partner for many years to come.

Thank you Dr. Hickman for all you have done!  God bless you!!” – Judy Baxter


Cash Fuez“Our 9-year-old son’s aging but experienced rodeo horses are priceless teachers who have been made healthier, happier and more competitive due to care from Dr. Hickman. Dr. Hickman’s holistic approach to equine healthcare is a rare gift. We have utilized Dr. Hickman’s expertise in dental maintenance, chiropractic adjustments and stem cell therapy. His background as a cowboy, farrier, 4-H leader, parent and contestant allow him to relate to a multitude of circumstances as he provides a practical and affordable menu of choices. He is an invaluable member of our winning team who truly cares about our equine partners.” – Heather Fuez


“This is the video of Flaxey after he and Cash won the all around title for the HYRA rodeo association. This pair came from middle of the pack to the front after the stem cell procedure he received this past fall. I am impressed looking at a couple of his runs from last year prior to the procedure and how much better he seems to negotiate the turns.”  – Dr. Preston Hickman, D.V.M

“He also won the Boys 2nd -4th grade All-Around Title. It was close with the title coming down to his last breakaway roping run.  Breathtaking moment! We are thankful to all who helped us and for the many friends and family on our team.” – Heather Fuez

Equine Stem Cell Therapy Success“My 17 year old Tennessee Walker, Trickster,  had his first ultrasound by Dr. Hickman in the fall of 2010.  I was told I would never ride him again because of a detached suspensory ligament.  At that time Dr Hickman did not have the new technology in stem cell therapy that he has now. The last time I was on my wonderful trail horse and friend was July 4, 2010. Dr. Hickman preformed the stem cell therapy 90 days ago and I was just told this week on January 14, 2013 that I could begin light exercise. I am beyond happy.”  –  G. Baldwin





“Jumanne went to Dr. Hickman several years ago for injections. I was impressed with the care they took in this procedure. She will turn 21, looks maybe 14,  this spring and is sound.”   – Dorothy Bligh


Horse Wichita, KS“I have been a client of Dr. Hickman’s for over 12 years now and have loved every minute of it.  He is a kind and compassionate man and even when faced with the hard decisions he is up front with your options.  The day my horse coliced and he basically slept with him I was sold from then on even I had never slept with my horse!  Thank you Dr. Hickman for saving his life with your diligence.  Attached is him and one of my kiddos..at 16 he thinks he is king, a title I think is fitting Matata.”  – Jill Butcher, Realtor