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Wichita Equine and Sports Medicine – Passion for Helping Horses

Preston Hickman, D.V.M.Preston Hickman, D.V.M., has had a way with horses since his earliest years.  In fact, at age three he traumatized his mother by slipping out of the yard, riding his unbroken pony down the road.  Even at that early age, Dr. Hickman knew horses would be an important part of his life. Dr. Hickman’s dad was an evangelist and, although his family’s lifestyle kept them on the road until he was around ten years old, he never lost his love of horses. After high school, he worked several feed lots from Colorado to Kansas, riding pens and caring for cattle.  It was during this time that he learned horseshoeing, a pivotal step in his career.

He began shoeing professionally after graduating from horse shoeing school in 1983.  He continued his education and, in 1987 earned his American Farrier Association (AFA) certification. As a farrier he learned to make therapy shoes for horses with leg and foot problems.  Preston enjoyed the work but his passion to help horses drove him further.  At the prompting of the veterinarians for whom he worked, he entered medical school to become a veterinarian, graduating in 1997.

Since then, Dr. Hickman has been on the cutting edge of equine medicine, diligently researching and learning new treatments, things than an injection can do.  “It is my desire to always be better,” he says. Dr. Hickman provides a full range of equine maintenance and medical care, as well as comprehensive dentistry and embryo transfer at his clinic.

What sets him apart however, is his expertise in sports medicine, drawing clients from all over the Midwest.  Lameness and performance problems are special areas of his practice.  He utilizes chiropractic and acupuncture and is schooled in using stem cells for joint, ligament and tendon therapy, as well as certain fracture repairs.

Olympic sports training software targeting movement abnormalities is another tool of Dr. Hickman’s.  High speed cameras identify key points within the horses stride that the naked eye would miss.  This allows him to detect subtle changes in movement and provides graphical representation and measurable velocity differences among other advantages.  Always on the cutting edge of equine medicine, Dr. Hickman’s practice was the tenth in the nation to have computerized radiography, a powerful diagnostic tool.

With a special software program, Dr. Hickman can turn two-dimensional x-rays into three-dimensional images of joints, and highlight the different angles of the leg and hoof. Armed with this information, Dr. Hickman uses a team approach, working hand in hand with the farrier, trainer and owner to develop a therapeutic plan for the individual horse.  Owners can then take these images back to their local veterinarians to assist in the animals continuing care.

Currently, Dr. Hickman is working with Dr. Qizhi Gao, DOM, Dipi OM, of the Kansas College of Chinese Medicine, to develop a continuing education curriculum for certification in acupuncture in large and small animals.  The course was offered for the first time in October 2007.

For more information about Wichita Equine & Sports Medicine or to call for an appointment contact Dr. Hickman or his wife Kathy at (316) SEE-2020 (733-2020).